Why Hut 17 Is Ideal For Your Christmas Party!

As we get into Christmas Party season, the pressure is on to find an ideal activity for all. But, don’t panic, the team at Cipher have got you covered! Take a read below to find out why Hut 17 is the perfect activity for your cooperate event:


1. Team Building:

Escape rooms offer an immersive environment that encourages teamwork. Participants must collaborate, communicate effectively, and leverage each other’s strengths to solve challenges and successfully escape within a set time, fostering a sense of camaraderie among team members.


2. Communication Skills: 

Escape rooms emphasize the importance of clear and concise communication. Teams need to convey information, share ideas, and coordinate their efforts to solve puzzles, encouraging improved communication among colleagues.


3. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking: 

The puzzles and challenges within escape rooms require creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Participants learn to think outside the box, analyze situations and make decisions under time pressure, traits that are valuable in the workplace.


4. Boosting Morale and Motivation: 

Participating in an engaging and challenging activity like an escape room can boost employee morale, encouraging a positive and motivated work atmosphere.


5. Unbiased Observation for Managers: 

Managers can observe their team in action in a non-work-related environment, gaining insights into their problem-solving skills, teamwork dynamics, and individual strengths and weaknesses, which can be useful for professional development.


6. Memorable Experience: 

Escape rooms provide a memorable and unique experience that gives participants a common point of reference, creating lasting memories and shared experiences among team members. 


Here at Cipher, we aim to stand out from other escape rooms, by making our rooms more immersive, more theatric and more engaging for players. Hut 17 is the perfect activity for small businesses. With two identical rooms available to book, groups of up to 12 players can go head-to-head in unveiling the mysteries within. 


To book your Christmas party with us, please contact us on 01908904175 or email us for more information at bookings@cipherescape.co.uk .